Engine Oil - Crp/pentosin - Pentosin SP III 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil exceeds API SM,CF ACEA A3,B3,B4,C3. (Part Number: 8078106)

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Engine Oil
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Pentosin SP III 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil exceeds API SM,CF ACEA A3,B3,B4,C3.
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Engine Oil
Accessories And Fluids
Functional Fluid Lubricant Grease Including Additives
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Direct Fit
2.03 lbs.
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Sold individually
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Bullet Point 4
Contains special friction modifiers which help the engine run smoothly and improve fuel economy.
Application Type
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Bullet Point 2
Formulated for long service life intervals.
Bullet Point 1
An all- season motor oil offering great protection against harsh start-up conditions and extreme temperature changes.
Bullet Point 3
Reduces motor oil sludge and fuel deposits.
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Marketing Description
5W-30 Pento Super Performance III is a newly formulated high performance engine oil designed to be used in vehicles that call for extended oil drain intervals. This oil is blended by using some of the most modern additives available and carefully selected synthetic based oils. By doing this the oil is considered a Low SAPS formulation that preserves catalysts, the environment, and maintains outstanding engine performance.
Product Description - Invoice
Pentosin SP III 5W-30 Motor Oil
Short Product Description
Pento SP III 5W-30
AAIA Part Type Description
Engine Oil

The CRP/PENTOSIN Engine Oil contains no remanufactured components, and is designed to operate in either city or highway driving.

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