Fulfillment by Sophio - FAQ

The questions and answers below provided quick answers to the frequently asked questions. Click here for more info.

Are you a warehouse distributor?

No. We are a technology company and commerce platform who has warehouse distributors and manufacturers as clients. Most warehouse distributors have a relatively 'short' linecard (somewhere between 50-150 brands) that they stock. Sophio opens accounts with every distributor that is willing to drop ship on behalf of our customers and acts similar to a broker. We manage all communication for your orders with the distributors. Since we are vendors to these distributors already they give us preferred pricing, often below wholesale.

I am a warehouse distributor - how can I get orders from Sophio?

As a warehouse distributor, you can use Sophio to sell direct to consumers or you can be a vendor to Sophio and drop ship to our sellers. For more information, please review our article on becoming a Sophio supplier.

Do you have a linecard?

Have a look at the line card in our knowledgebase. The catalog at your site will have over 800 brands.

How do I pay for parts?

When you send an order to Sophio for fulfillment the system charges your credit card or Paypal account for the cost of the parts and shipping and then forwards the order to the closest supplier with the least expensive price for fulfillment.

Do I have to pay tax?

If you are a registered business in the state you do business in and have a resale number, then the answer is no. If you are in the state of Tennessee and you are not re-selling the item, then Yes. Be sure to supply us with your resale certificate and resale number.

How is shipping calculated?

We offer flat rate shipping for ground orders. The fee you pay depends on your volume. New sellers initially pay $9.25 per package. This amount is automatically adjusted over time as your volume increases and your product mix changes.

Do I have to pay a transaction fee?

There are no transaction fee's paid to Sophio when orders for new parts are fulfilled by Sophio.

Can I use my own inventory and just send FBS special orders?

Sure you can. In fact, that is the main purpose of our dropship service. Most of our sellers are distributors or retailers with an existing supplier. We do not expect to be your primary source, we hope to be your secondary source.

How do returns work?

All returns require an approved RMA prior to being shipped back. You can have your customer ship the part back directly to our suppliers warehouse, provided you have approval to do so. Most but not all of the items we fulfill for you can be returned within 30 days of purchase. Returns beyond 30 days may not be approved.

What's the difference between a Sophio store and the WHI Nexpart B2C solution?

Sophio licenses the WHI catalog and configures it to work with the products we can drop ship on your behalf. As a result, you do not have control over what appears in the Sophio FBS catalog. The Nexpart B2C product allows sellers to construct a custom linecard by 'brand'. If you only want to sell what you have in stock or you are only interested in real time stock check (for In Store Pickup for example) then Nexpart B2C is likely right for you.

Can you list my inventory on eBay?

Sophio refers sellers to WHI Solutions because with their product 'EBAY LINK' you can list an almost unlimited number of items on eBay and pay ZERO listing fee's. There are setup, support, and trans fee's but the cost to list hundreds of thousands or even millions of items on eBay is 50% less expensive than trying to list them yourself. If you get your eBay store from WHI you can use Sophio to manage it as well as drop ship our entire catalog (up to your ebay established selling limits and GMV).

Can I sell on Amazon?

If you can get approved to sell on Amazon, we can fulfill orders to your Amazon customers. We do not help sellers initiate seller accounts on Amazon.

What do I have to do to signup?

Once you have a licensed Sophio store that you are paying for, you have all that you need. The configuration of the FBS account is established when you trial expires and you establish a paid support account.