Most clients choose to have Sophio host their website. Clients that do host with Sophio enjoy unlimited disk space, unlimited traffic, and 24x7x365 monitoring. However, since hosting with Sophio means sharing an ip address with other part sellers, many serous eTailers prefer to self host. As a result, we are happy to install our platform on a clients dedicated WINDOWS server. The fee is based on the number of actual hours spent. Since each client and configuration is different please contact support for a quote.

Besides the obvious benefits of having your own physical server, here are some that may not be apparent.

  • Google will not accidentally confuse your site with a competitors (you will get your own unique IP address)
  • Geographically locate your server close to your business to improve LOCAL SEO
  • Ability to purchase a custom SSL certificate (good for SEO and buyer user experience)
  • Get 100% of the bandwidth and RAM available without having to share with other sellers
  • Freedom to host or store content for other web sites you may own at no additional charge

Sophio's Application Server requires a Windows 2012/2016 Standard Server OS with at least 16g of RAM and 2 physical hard drives. If you wish to self host the catalog/db server ite make sure you ask us how much RAM you need. Your server will need two times the RAM to be able to update your catalog while it is serving catalog pages. The two hard drives should be at least 250g in capacity and ideally will be SSD drives. We recommend using hosting companies such as Rackspace for high reliability.

Sophio offers cloud based hosting at We have Sophio 'images' ready to go, which means that instead of paying us for professional service hours to get started you'll pay only a single $100 one time fee. The size of your SERVER should be 'as big as you can afford'. Click here to take a look pricing. Your server will be in our Sophio Vultr account, because VULTR is not able to copy our 'ready to go' system images between client accounts. You will get credentials to your cloud server upon request.

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